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I bought several items from the Cart Sale…one of which was a dress that appeared to be a malicious object when I opened it.  I opened it up and a message appeared that said the object needed permission to take lindens from my account.  I denied it permission, deleted it, and then warned two shopping groups about the object.  I also sent IM’s to the vendor and to the Cart Sale organizer.  The vendor just contacted me FREAKING OUT and accusing me of trying to ruin their business.  He/she said it was a mistake.  I explained that that was unfortunate, but there are so many scammers on SL that a person needs to protect themselves; it is not uncommon for people to lose everything in their inventory AND all their lindens.  I am not about to risk five years’ worth of inventory! - and I think it is in good conscience to send out a warning when you come across what appears to be a scam or a malicious object.

Anyways, I sent an IM to the shopping groups explaining that the vendor had made a mistake and that it was not a scam.

I’m just kind of blown away by the ferocity of this vendor’s attack on me.  I don’t think I did anything wrong and I believe the person sending me angry IM’s would have reacted the same way if he or she opened an object and it attempted to take lindens out of their SL account! 

I certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s business.  I hope everything works out well for this vendor.  I just hope they don’t make this mistake again, because this sort of thing turns a person into Admiral Ackbar…..



This notecard from BiASTA cured my Fitmesh woes!

"For better results, please turn ON "advanced lighting" in your graphics preferences.

Adjustments of the saddlebags will cause strange effects on your FitMesh clothes - saddlebag sliders should therefore have a value of 0 or near to 0.

TIP: save your shape, then slide down the saddlebag value to between 0 and 5 and save again under a new name - for example “XY shape - adjusted for FitMesh”.